Five Fandom Friday: Fandoms I’m Thankful For

It’s Five Fandom Friday time! I’m so glad to be back doing these posts as they’re so much fun, and I just love the prompts that Megan and Kristen come up with.

This week’s prompts tie in with Thanksgiving in America, and is all about celebrating the fandoms that you love and are grateful for. While I don’t consider myself to be part of any particular fandom, there are still groups of people I’m incredible grateful for.

1.) Bloggers

After changing the focus of my blog to nerdy lifestyle rather than comic books and reaching out to a different community, I’ve been made to feel welcome by all of the bloggers I’ve chatted to on Twitter. It’s nice that there’s a community that have universally got each other’s backs andf because we’re all working to similar gals, everyone is really supportive and is happy to share your work. Blogging babes, you’re the best.

2.) Video games

I’m painfully aware that the gaming subculture is by no means perfect, but the little community I’ve developed and become part of through Twitter (and friends in real life) have always been on hand to offer suggestions, memes and generally be awesome, awesome people. I got involved in the #Blaugust community this year and it was a blast. I loved chatting to people and reading other people’s thoughts on the games I loved and was a great way to make new friends. Multiplayer, anyone?

What fandoms are you involved in which are awesome? Let me know in the comments section!

This Material Christmas!

The amazing shop This Material Culture recently told me about a blogging competition they were holding for Christmas, and I absolutely had to get involved! To enter the competition, entrants have to write a post detailing which pieces from the shop they would buy for their nearest and dearest, and the winner wins all their choices! How ace is that?! I’ve been supporting and plugging TMC for quite a while on Twitter and I’m very, very grateful they asked me to enter their competition. Click on pictures for links to the item on the site.

My friend Holly

Holly is sweetness and light personified. The only person I know to send ‘I love you’ texts for no other reason than it’s nice to say, Holly is the loveliest person I have ever met. We met through our shared interest in Japanese Lolita Fashion when I had recently moved to Sheffield, and she made me feel so very welcome in the comm and the city. Holly LOVES glitter, cute things and bows. Holly’s bow collection is totally out of this world, and I think this necklace would be the perfect addition. The necklace is small and delicate and could be worn in-Loli and out of Loli- the perfect accessory.

My friend Danie

Danie is one of my blogging buddies, and I adore her blog! Danie writes about cruelty-free beauty and alternative fashion, and she has the fiercest style out of anyone I know. Her blog is called Spiked Black Tee and so I think these spiked earrings would be perfect for her! They suit her blog and her style and I think they would be perfect for her.

My friend Lawrence

Lawrence is my best friend. We’ve been friends for about 10 years now, and we’ve seen each other through a lot: boyfriends, bad haircuts, college… The list goes on and on. Lawrence just gets me, and despite the fact we live in different towns, he always makes the effort to call and chat at least once a week. Lawrence has a huge love for things which fit in with the coastal aesthetic, and I think this maritime bangle would be the perfect finishing touch for some of his stylin’ outfits.

My friend Roo

Roo is the cutest. She’s the only person I know who doodles dinosaurs, and just last year, she sent me an amazing tee with a dinosaur drinking tea on it. I love it! Even though she now lives all the way in Wales, I’d love to send her the necklace to remind how lovely she is and as thanks for being so supportive.

A little something for me…

I just had to pick something for myself, too! I love the design and colours in this bracelet, and it’d be the perfect gift to myself for graduating this year!

What items from TMC are your favourite? Let them know by tweeting them on Twitter (@ThisMaterial)!

November Picks!

Picks for the month icon

Time for a new feature! Picks for the month is going to be an easy way to for me to share what I’m going to be doing for the month.

Here in the UK, winter is coming at us slowly, creeping around us like the fog in the early morning. It’s November 2nd today, and my city is covered in a thick layer of fog, resembling the town of Silent Hill more than I’d care to admit. It’s been getting dark much, much earlier and unlike yesterday, it’s much colder. As always, I’m wrapped up in a sweet blanket cloak, and am planning just how to treat myself and the Boyfriend-Wonder this month, and it’s a whirlwind of nerdy goodness…

Video game: 

I’m still very firmly on the Bioware hype train and that is why I’m going to finally jump into the world of Mass Effect! My bro Dan (check him out on YouTube!) hooked me up with Xbox Preview, meaning I get backwards compatability for the Xbox One so I can play Mass Effect on it! Yay! I plan on picking up the first Mass Effect game later this week and completely losing myself in its world. Given how hard I fell for Dragon Age, I imagine I’m going to be the same with this. The Boyfriend-Wonder is also a huge Mass Effect fan and he’s looking forward to replaying it- as well as judging all the decisions I’ll be making.

TV show: 

Ah, Supernatural. I’ve been picking you up and dropping you since S2 aired on TV. I used to LOVE Supernatural. Love love love it. When I first started watching it when I was 14, I fell in love with it, and promptly wrote terrible fan fiction which will never see the light of day. Anyway, I’ve tried to rewatch it many times, but given up (10 series is a lot of watching!) but I’ve decided to give it another go. It’s spooky! The meta episodes are really smart! The boys are very cute! It’s pretty much perfect for me.


In excitement for The Force Awakens, the Boyfriend-Wonder and I plan on watching the entire series over a week or so. We recently got a free trial for NOW TV which has them all on (as well as a few mini docs and a ton of other interesting stuff) and we plan on making the most of it. We are both very, very excited for The Force Awakens, and watching the other films will keep us going until December 18th. Eeeee!

What will you be doing this month? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter, where you’ll find me under @ariellalphabet.

9 Happy Things

Screenshot 2015-05-31 16.11.35

It lives! Hello again, blogosphere! I ended up taking a mini break due to my laptop deciding it no longer wanted to work (*shakes fist at laptop*) and not having a working in PC. However, in the 3 weeks since I’ve not had a working laptop, the Boyfriend-Wonder got a new PC (for gaming, obvs) which I am kidnapping this afternoon for blog purposes. I’m informed it’s a Good Computer, and it definitely runs better than his old one. I also finally managed to get a job! I now work in Card Factory, where you will often see me boogying to the weird music selection we have (hits from 60-present? Sign me up! Going from the Ronettes to Shakira via Shania Twain, is weird, but it works.) and endlessly tidying Christmas cards. The Boyfriend-Wonder and I were also lucky enough to inherit a big TV from family, and it is so good. I can play Dragon Age: Inquisition without squinting at the subtitles.

Without further ado, here’s what’s been making me happy lately!

1.) Christmas stuff in the shops!

I just grabbed this from Google, but it’s so cute!

I LOVE Christmas. I love getting into the spirit of the season, decorating, wrapping presents and seeing all the lights in the town centre. I know it’s only October, but once Halloween is out of the way it’ll be all Christmas everywhere and I cannot wait. It’ll be the first Christmas the Boyfriend-Wonder and I will be spending on our own, and I’m super excited for it. I am going to well and truly deck the halls! I’ve also been planning some Christmas related blog stuff which will be a lot of fun to share.

2.) Graduation

It’s finally come! The culmination of 3 years of hard work, tears and pyjama days. I graduate at the end of next month and will be rocking the top right robes and trying not to fall over on stage as I collect my degree. Huzzah!

3.) This animal gif


I found this when I was on Buzzfeed this morning, reading up on how to turn your bed into the coziest place on earth and it tickled me! How cute is this dog?!

4.) Fallout 4 live action trailer

Live action! How did they do that? The film nerd in me is going crazy over how good it looks. It’s also got me mega hyped for the game (due out 11/10/15, according to the trailer!) and now that I have a job, I have every intention of buying it. I might even place a sneaky pre-order when I get paid! I’ve been in love with the Fallout games since Fallout 3, and am super excited to be returning to the world again. Plus, it’ll give me a new RPG to get heavily invested in! Also, the song in the trailer is catchy as heck and I cannot stop singing it.

5.) Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser DLC

Oh my word, I cannot even begin to describe the emotional rollercoaster I went through when I played this goddamn DLC. I was so incredibly tense and on-edge through all of it! While it was rather short and I’m kinda annoyed it cost me just over £10, I still really enjoyed it. Reuniting with old friends, marrying my video-game boyfriend (Cullen and his amazing shoulders) and then shenanigans with Solas… I felt physically exhausted when I finished it. I’m just sad there won’t be things to do in the universe after Trespasser, as I don’t believe there’ll be any more DLC after this (*sob sob*) However, I will instead be throwing myself into the world of Thedas, and plan on getting the books and other games to experience everything.

6.) Did You Know Gaming videos 

These videos are so, so good! They’re less than 10 minutes a pop, cover a huge range of well loved games and franchises and they are packed full of interesting factoids. I am shamelessly addicted to their videos right now, and would love recommendations for anything similar. I am all about lore/facts to do with games!

7.)  Destiny

I am so, so bad at this game but it is a) very pretty and b) very, very fun. I don’t play it often (I’m so bad, I feel like other players would likely send me grief haha) but when I do, I always enjoy it. Apparently I made hunter some time ago so I might have to actually give it the time of day.

8.) Nokia Lumia 930

I was recently lucky enough to trial this phone (Thanks, Lumia Voices!) and I loved it! So much easier to navigate than my Android phone, and it was generally better all round. As my current contract is almost up, I plan on upgrading to a Lumia. Consider me converted!

9.) My bestie Lawrence

Lawrence is the best. He calls me up every so often to gossip and chat about stuff and it always makes me giggle! He rang me the other day and we talked for 45 minutes about relationship stuff and general shenanigans. I’m looking forward to seeing him when I go back at the start of next month so we gossip over video games and coffee.

When I’m not on the Boyfriend-Wonder’s snazzy new PC, you can always find me on Twitter. discussing food and vidya games. What’s been making you happy this week?

Aloha Skincare and Wellbeing!*

Aloha everyone, on this horrible, rainy day in the UK! In today’s post I am working with superfood gurus Aloha to bring you a selection of my tips and tricks to help keep that summery glow to your skin even during the coldest, darkest days of winter.

Even though I spend most of my time indoors (what?! It’s where my laptop is!) I still take the time to maintain my skincare routine, and I do it in a variety of ways. Skincare is doubly, triply important in the winter as not only do you have the harsh cold winds and snow outside to deal with, there’s also the increase in central heating or air con in homes and offices, and sometimes, your skin just can’t take it and will break out. I’ll never forget how horribly dry and rough my hands got last winter when I was working in an office which had over-zealous air con.

My tips and tricks range from skincare techniques to diet and include a bit of health and wellbeing help to keep your skin glowing and ready for the winter!

1.) Silk pillowcases

Some time ago, I went to a sales pitch interview, and while I was there, I met a woman who swore by silk pillowcases for skin and hair-care. She had the most perfectly clear skin and perfect hair I’d ever seen, so it must work! Her theory was that silk allows the skin to breathe properly at night, rather than get stifled by cotton or polyster. The soft threads of the case also promoted skin’s natural cleansing process, and allowed skin to rejuvenate overnight. I’ve been itching to try this technique out ever since I met her as it seems to really work!

2.) After you’ve washed your face, rinse it in cold water

This tip comes from my Dad, who has the clearest skin of anyone I have ever met (if only he passed the genes on!) and my gosh, does it work. After you’ve gone through your skincare routine using hot water, your pores will be wide open. If you leave it like this, it’s much, much easier for dirt to get in them and give you a nasty outbreak! However, if you splash your face with cold water, you’ll close your pores and have clearer skin and keep that glow.

3.) Use a moisturiser with sun cream in

A beauty tip from the beautiful queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese, moisturiser with sun cream (or at least some SPF) is a lifesaver. Dita Von Teese has gorgeous porcelain skin all year-round, and this is one of her tips. Even during the winter, the sun is still shining and sending harmful UV rays at your skin, so any type of protection is important. Using SPF keeps your skin from burning (yes, it can happen during winter!) and helps keep your tan just that little bit longer. As far as moisturisers with SPF go, I would recommend Superdrug’s Vitamin E Day Cream with SPF 15, or their B Confident CC Cream with SPF 45 (!)

4.) Tea Tree Oil

This tip comes from fellow blogger Beverbeee (she is the loveliest, check her out!) who swears by tea tree oil for skincare related woes. Feel a bump of a spot coming on? Put a dab of tea tree oil on and leave it, and it’ll calm right down! As someone with problem skin this tip has saved me many times! Even better, the Body Shop has a tea tree line which is pretty fab and suits most skin types.

5.) Drink lots of water

This is so important! Keeping hydrated is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy glow.  The best way to make sure you’re drinking enough water is to set reminders on your phone (the app Waterlogged for  iphones sounds pretty great) or just get a big bottle, fill it up and keep it near you! If you think the taste of water is pretty bland, you can always get one of those fancy infusion bottles and throw some fruit or veggies in there for more taste and more health benefits!

6.) Eat plenty of fruit & veg

Screenshot 2015-10-07 18.17.38

This is where Aloha comes in! Their website has loads of healthy, delicious recipes to help you on your way and they all incorporate plenty of healthy food. I plan on trying out homemade Twix bites (Twix = life) the strawberry and banana fruit smoothie, and superfood donuts (who said eating healthy was boring?) to add a bit more fruit and veg to my diet. Aloha has loads of recipes for meals at all times of the day and snacks and all of them feature straight forward recipes and instructions. Heavenly!

6.) Stress relief

I feel somewhat hypocritical mentioning this as I am not good at stress relief. However, this is where you can learn from my mistakes! Stress makes the body freak out. It doesn’t cope well with it at all. So, if you have a good method of stress relief which you find works, you’ll see the effects in your face and your within your mind. Whatever your method, keep it up to maintain that glow from your carefree summer!

My thanks to Aloha for reaching out to me to share my tips for maintaining that summer glow! Check their website out for some superb healthy recipes and food. Sadly, they don’t deliver to us folks in the UK just yet, but to all my American readers, I strongly recommend it. They offer a free trial of protein bars for only $2.50 shipping which is well worth a look.

October Tag: Autumn Wishlist


I realise, that as I sit writing this, I am channeling the autumn pretty hard. I’m wearing fuzzy socks, my favourite jumper and am wrapped up in my tartan blanket. All I’m missing is a delicious hot drink!

Today’s prompt for the October tag is autumn wishlist. I nearly always have an autumn wishlist; as most of the clothes and stuff I buy I spend very little on, they tend to last about one season before they have to go to the big wardrobe in the sky. every year I always hunt for the perfect pair of military boots, and once again, they’re making an appearance! I had an amazing pair last year (which I bought from the 9-15 section in New Look, score for tiny feet!) which last about 4 months until the heels came off. They were so perfect…

Onto the list! Click-through for product details on their respective sites!

1.) Military boots

Look at these tartan babies! The scot in me is going crazy for them. Military boots have been a big part of my autumn/winter wardrobe for the last six years or so, and I think they’re the perfect thing to finish an outfit off. A cute jumper, skinny jeans and these beauties would make for a cute outfit, right? New Look boots have always been solid choices and are always hella comfortable.

2.) A new scarf/snood

“But Ari,” I hear you ask me. “You can buy a new scarf from pretty much anywhere on the high street!” This may be true, reader, but it’s that one I specifically want. Partially to wardrobe cosplay my video game bae Cullen from Dragon Age Inquisition and partially because I’ve never had a snood before and really want to try one. They look so snuggly and warm, and you don’t get that little pocket where the scarf isn’t quite tied properly and the cold air hits your neck. With a snood, that would not be a problem. With this snood, I could emulate my Templar babe.

3.) Good fitting jeans

I’ve been wearing skinny jeans on and off since I was a wee teenage emo, and it’s only after not wearing them for a year and a half and coming back that I’ve had problems finding a good pair. Simply put, my hips and waist disagree with jeans, and it can be nigh-impossible to find a good pair that fit and flatter. I’m currently wearing the Boyfriend-Wonder’s jeans and they fit more or less okay. Jeans are an essential staple for autumn, especially if you hiding your legs away from the cold winds that whip up! I’d team the skinny regular jeans above with the military boots above, a cute tee or long-sleeved top with a leather jacket, and then some delicate jewellery or badges on the jacket to soften the look a bit.

4.) Hoodies

Hoodies are autumn/winter essentials. Must-haves. I do not own any hoodies that even remotely fit me! I have zip-up hoodies and a big red hoody my Dad gave me several years ago, but none fit particularly well. The one above is catered to ladies sizing (hello flattering fit!) and is from my current favourite game. Morrigan is by no means my favourite character, but until they release the Templar hoodie which I spied in the Bioware fashion show over the summer, I’m coveting this. Looks super snug, right?

5.) Plenty of things to keep me occupied!

A selection of items from my Amazon wishlist! For full list, view here.

A selection of items from my Amazon wishlist! For full list, view here.

I love autumn, but dealing with the cold can be tricky. I mentioned before how I am one of those people who is always really cold, and autumn/winter makes it worse! Accompanied with a boyfriend who doesn’t do well in the winter, I need more reasons than ever to stay indoors, where it’s warm. So, I (and the Boyfriend-Wonder) need plenty of things to do inside! Books, board games, video games… Whatever happens to catch our eye. My wishlist on Amazon has a mishmash of games and books to keep us occupied over the cold, dark coming months.

What items are on your Autumn wishlist? Are you craving a cute snood, or some military boots? Let me know!

The October tag is a blogging/Instagram challenge put together by me,Danie and Steph. If you want to join in, tag us on Instagram or Twitter!

9 Happy Things

Screenshot 2015-05-31 16.11.35

Oh 9 Happy Things. I’ve missed posting you so much! I’ve always found these posts to be the best way for me to decompress at the end of the week and try to make something positive of it- even if it’s been a bad week. So, I’m happier than ever to bring them back with a vengeance. Here are some of the things that have been making me happy recently…

1.) Internet

Thanks for that BT…

I know, I know. It’s bad. Being without internet for so long was kinda weird, but it made me realise just how much time I waste endlessly scrolling through Facebook- which was far too much! With the time I spend on Facebook, I could do a day’s housework and probably write at least one blog. I just need to better organise myself! Anyway, internet is back, and everything in C+C HQ is back to normal. The Boyfriend-Wonder is sitting next to me playing Smite and talking nonsense, and I am able to see what my friends are doing on Instagram and read my favourite blogs. Life is good.

2.) October!


It’s October! It’s the month of Halloween! Yay! This year I plan on actually having some sweets to give out to the local kids, rather than ignoring them and then buying candy canes for myself like I did last year… Whoops! As you may already know, Danie, Steph and I have put together this awesome little blog/Instagram tag for everyone who enjoys the season as much as we do to get involved in. I’ve gotten off to a shaky start, but I’m really excited to try some of the make-up related ones and start using Instagram again. If you want to join in, please do! Just tag me, Danie and Steph either in your post or on Instagram and we’ll share it. Happy Halloween, friends!

3.) The new Chvrches album

I absolutely adored their first album and their new album is just as good! I am all about that Scottish electro-pop. Nothing gets me working and hyped the way Chvrches do! I really love this album and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

4.) This gorgeous planner from Paperchase

Don’t you just love stationery? I sure do! I’ve been itching for a proper planner after bullet journaling didn’t work out overly well for me, and when I was browsing the new collection in Paperchase the other day, I saw this babely creature and fell in love. It has segments for everything! Calendar, budget, meal plans… Everything! Using that in conjunction with the multi list book would equal perfect organisational skills for me. Roll on my birthday when I can justify buying it for myself…

5.) House

While the Boyfriend-Wonder and I have had no internet, we’ve been extremely limited in terms of what we can watch. As I’ve thinned out my DVD collection considerably since moving, the only series I really hung onto was S1-3 of House. I used to love House. In fact, I used to love medical dramas in general (but not Grey’s Anatomy. Never Grey’s Anatomy) and House was one of my favourites. I loved the crazy diagnoses, and the Sherlock-Holmes-sleuthing that went down… As well as Hugh Laurie’s frankly incredible performance. Rewatching part of S3 (or watching over the Boyfriend-Wonder’s shoulder while I play the Xbox) has partially brought back my love (or at least my appreciation) for it, and after discovering that Netflix has 8 seasons of it, we’ll have plenty to watch!

6.) Lush’s new seasonal collections

Screenshot 2015-10-04 15.31.17

Click to enlarge!

This is just a few of the Halloween products they’ve released, but cool are these?! As well as being spoopy as heck, they sound amazing! I would absolutely love to try Sparkly Pumpkin, and the pun ‘The witching shower’ makes me want to buy a lifetime supply of Heebie Jeebie Bat. I’m very jealous that Danie is going to a release night at Lush Nottingham in the upcoming future to check out these products, and I am eagerly awaiting her blog about it!

7.) Dragon Age Inquisition


OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, THIS GAME. THIS GAME. I have not been this hooked on a game since I first played Fallout 3 way back when. DAI just stomps all over it. Initially I got into because it’s what the Boyfriend-Wonder would play during the day and I just fell in love from there. To me, this game is a breath of fresh air. There’s no pointless shooting or explosions. Every decision is made by you and you have to agonise over these decisions and how they’ll affect your game world. You can actually become friends (and even lovers) with people on your team and your advisors, and it feels like all of your input into the game really effects it. While there is some degree of linear play to it, there’s so much that can be changed due to your decisions and I absolutely love that. Fallout New Vegas was fun and all, but at the end of the day, it was a power vacuum that got solved by a few well placed murders. In comparison, it doesn’t even stand up. I’d not played any of the Dragon Age games prior to this but it made me want to! Also there is nothing cooler than seeing a character who looks like you being badass and saving the world! In case you’re wondering, I sided with the templars, kept the Grey Wardens and romanced Cullen because Cullen is bae. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but here we are. He’s dreamy.

8.) My bestie Lawrence

Yesterday was October 3rd, and as always, my bestie Lawrence text me asking what day it was. He’s a keeper, that one.

9.) Some Like It Hot 

I watched this for the first time a few weeks ago on insistence from the Boyfriend-Wonder, and I love it! It’s the first film I’ve seen with the remarkable, irreplaceable Marilyn Monroe in and she was perfect. She just lit the screen up every time she came on, and her energy is unlike anything else. Aside from Marilyn Monroe, the film was hilarious! It was so, so funny and I can’t believe how long it took me to watch it. There are a lot of films which owe Some Like it Hot major lip service.

What have you been enjoying recently?

October Tag: Autumn Essential Items


I LOVE autumn. No more summer, there’s a chill in the air and you don’t get funny looks when you tell people you haven’t left the house in a week. I love the change of the leaves, and the crunching sound they make when you walk over them. Autumn is where it’s at, and here are some of my essential items for enjoying/enduring the season.

  1. Blankets

Blankets are for two reasons; number one, for sweet blanket cloaks and for nesting. The other year I bought some super soft, really cute patterned ones from Primark at £3.90 a pop, and they’re perfect for keeping warm. I’m one of those annoying people who are always cold, even when they’re bundled up, so blankets are a must have for me. When I was a teenager and still living with my Dad, come winter I would put every single one of the eight heirloom blankets we had on my bed and I’d be extra toasty. It was perfect! I’d recommend just about any high street shop for good blankets, but especially Primark for affordability and warmth. For more high market options, check out T K Maxx.

2. Hot drinks!

Starbucks. Costa. Caffe Nero. Any café anywhere. I love me some hot drinks, and autumn is the best time for them (hello PSL!) but I like to have a large selection of drinks on hand. My new favourite is Morrison’s own brand hot chocolate, which with a dash of milk and sugar is absolutely divine and warms you right up.

3. Loungewear, in spades

Loungewear is important. You don’t always have to go out every day, and when you get back from work, who wants to stay sitting around in your uniform all evening? Even when I worked at my internship (which I loved!) whenever I got home it was off with the officewear and on with the loungewear. For Christmas, the Boyfriend-Wonder’s Mum got me some super cosy Hello Kitty PJs (of course!) and they’re perfect for the changing season. Boux Avenue‘s selection is heavenly, but I’d also recommend New Look‘s selection for affordability and I highly recommend their cuffed PJ sets.

4. Hot water bottle

Again, this is linked to my always-being-cold, but around about the start of October, there’s a definite drop in temperature. It gets much chillier at night, and is there anything worse than getting into a cold bed? This is where the hot water bottle comes into use! In fact, last night I fell asleep hugging the hot water bottle while the Boyfriend-Wonder watched The Hobbit. I got mine from Primark (their home section is pretty good!) and it cost me around £3, and has a cute owl pattern on the case. George at Asda have some cute options, and so do Matalan.

What items are essential for you in Autumn? Do you opt for majestic blanket cloaks like me? Let me, Danie or Steph know on Twitter or Instagram!

October Tag: Goals

Exciting project time! Danie from Spiked Black Tee, Steph from the zombie said and I have brainstormed an awesome blog challenge for you all! This tag can be done on blogs or on Instagram as you choose, and as long as you tag one of us (on Insta we’re spikedblacktee, thezombiesaid and ariellalphabet respectively) we can check out what you post! I’m endeavouring to use both Insta and my blog to post for this, so keep an eye on both to see what I have to say.

Yesterday’s prompt was October goals, so here are a few of mine…

  1. Start yoga!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do forever. I am very, very bad at handling stress and I really think that yoga would help, as well as keeping me that little bit healthier throughout the winter months. I’ll be teaching myself from home, utilising a bevvy of YouTube videos and channels (any recommendation or advice for noobs would be highly appreciated!) which should be an adventure in of itself.

2. Learn to cook more meals

I’m one of those people who is not good at cooking. At all. My piece de la resistance is Shepherd’s Pie, which should give you some indication to my skill! Currently, the Boyfriend-Wonder does most of the cooking (bless his heart!) and I help, but I’d like to be able to make something good and treat him once in a while.

3. Decide what I’m doing with my hair

Oh, hair. Just what am I doing with you? You’re an incredibly fine, red/blonde/brown mess in need of direction and dye. I’ve been itching to change up my style for a long time and so I’m going to dedicate some time to decide just what I’m going to do with it this month. I plan on keeping it red still (I’ve been that fake redhead since I was 17 and I don’t plan on changing it!) but I need a style that suits me and will accommodate glasses. Your help and suggestions would not go amiss!

These are my goals for the month, what about yours? Do you have any big goals you want to work on? Let me know and we can cheer each other on!

Life Update

It’s been roughly six weeks since my last blog! Eeek! As some of you may have guessed, I finally moved house. After two and a half months living with the Boyfriend-Wonder’s parents, we found the perfect little flat in Sheffield and promptly moved in. It’s much further out than we were used to, and it’s not without its quirks, but y’know what? I freaking love it. I cannot believe how happy I am living with the Boyfriend-Wonder, the funny, gracious, caring man I love who will endlessly talk about video games and films with me. Life is good, and very nerdy.

Onto why I haven’t been online, boring you with weird details of my day- BT are downright awful. The Boyfriend-Wonder and I moved into our new place about halfway through August, and we were promised to be connected in the first week of September. As you can probably tell, we were not. We had a phone line installed, but weren’t connected to broadband. After many angry phone calls, they set further dates throughout September, but never delivered. It was only yesterday they actually did something and finally connected us. It’s been a colossal pain in the ass, and I would strongly advise any of you not to switch to BT for internet if you’re looking for a new provider, unless you want to be screwed around.

All rage aside, we’re connected now and life is getting back to normal! C+C HQ is feeling more and more like home every day, and I’m actually feeling like an adult, rather than a coddled baby like I was at university. I’m living in a flat for the first time, and have a downstairs neighbour as well as next door neighbours, and its taking some getting used to! No more stomping around like Godzilla in downtown Tokyo for me, and definitely no more putting the washing machine on at night.

The move itself went mostly alright. Everything got grabbed from my storage unit with Armadillo Storage in Sheffield (I would definitely recommend them if you ever need storage- fantastic customer service and affordable prices) by the moving company, and brought to our new home. However, if moving was a simple endeavour, I could have just ended it there. Alas, it is not! The way into my flat is by a very tight, narrow staircase which has the staircase for the attic bedroom above it, so there is little wiggle room for anything- as such, my sofa couldn’t fit up the stairs! Believe me, I tried (or rather the removal people tried) pivoting. It was not to be, and now I have no sofa. Sad times! the Boyfriend-Wonder and I ended up building a seating area out of pillows, a spare quilt and my blanket collection which isn’t too uncomfortable.

Anyway, life stuff aside, I’m back and will be blogging frequently again. I have been working (when I could leech wi-fi of the pub behind our house) with Dani of Spiked Black Tee and Steph of the zombie said to put together an October blogging challenge! Despite not posting yesterday (stress and general frazzle got the better of me) I plan on posting every day for it.

I’m very, very glad to be back! Also, someone please talk with me about Dragon Age: Inquisition. I am OBSESSED.