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I’m trying out a new type of post on my blog: Friday favourites! This is where I’ll post cute or funny things I find around the internet, as well as what I’m listening to, reading, watching and playing. It’s also a bit less clunky and heavy going than my usual weekly posts I do on Sunday. I’ll keep doing them, but they’ll be way more decompressed.


How adorable are these kitty shoes from TUK? They’re hella cute and really appeal to my inner crazy cat lady.


While this is… Not quite the top I planned on sharing with you all, it’s the closest I could find on the H & M website, which for some reason doesn’t have it. I really love jersey shirts like this, and the one I have my eye on has mermaids and unicorns on it. Magical. I’m also eyeing up these cute Hello Kitty PJs for the summer.

From fashion, onto music!


I literally cannot stop listening to American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy. The opening two songs are incredibly catchy and I’ve fallen in love with them all over again.


Blogging friends Mia Moore of xoMia and Liz Locksley, both of SuperHeroEsque have started this awesome podcast called Fake Goth Girls, and it’s downright brilliant and well worth a listen!


I’m also shamelessly addicted to Froot by Marina and the Diamonds. The bridge from Blue is just so damn catchy.

Sadly I haven’t been reading or watching anything exciting- just the same old thing. Endless cartoons to help me unwind!


I also came across this awesome print from artist Paulina Ganucheau on Tumblr. Isn’t her work mega-cute?!

What have you guys been up to this week? What do you think to my new feature?


At this point, I’m enjoying flexing my skills at Polyvore. It may just be my new favourite thing. For the fandom item, I chose a super awesome Batman tee!

Look One: Class

For more about this set, see here.

For more about this set, see here.

I have worn pretty much this entire outfit to university many times! I have a strong love for high-waisted floofy skirts, and I love how they go with graphic tees. The best thing about putting this set together is I actually own and use that notebook! Polyvore really came through for me. This outfit is both nerdy and stylish, and perfect for a university student.

Look Two: Work

For more info on this set, see here.

For more info on this set, see here.

I promise I don’t wear black all the time! Just… Some of the time. Okay, most. Anyway, I work in an office with a fairly lax dress code, so I’ve got away with wearing this sort of thing. As I work with film I decided to include a little reel of film up in the top corner too!

Look three: Casual

For more info on this set, see here.

For more info on this set, see here.

The casual look. A classic among geeks. A minor variation on what I’m wearing right now. The best thing about graphic tees is that they literally go with anything. Skirts? You betcha. PJs? Of course. Jeans? Duh. This look combines cnerdy with comfy, and I think it works pretty well.

Look Four: Running Errands

For more info on this set, look here.

For more info on this set, look here.

You know how it is. You have to run into town to pick up that book, then send that thing at the post office, then swing by the supermarket to pick up milk… You’re running a bajillion errands, and you need a comfortable outfit to wear! I decided to go with jeans for this look, as they’re a bit more casual than skirts, and give you more freedom. I went with an awesome galaxy backpack and some super-duper good headphone for your personal soundtrack. Cowl and cape optional! 7

Look Five: Summer!

Screenshot 2015-04-17 22.15.59

For more info on this set, see here.

Can you tell I’m getting excited for summer? Haha this was another great outfit to put together. It’s casual, but still perfect for warmer weather. Everyone knows denim shorts and Converse go together, so I had to include it! I included a water bottle, which is probably one of the most important accessories to have in summer! It’s so easy to get dehydrated in summer, but you can fight it somewhat with a water bottle. Even better if it’s cute like this one! I usually carry a satchel around with me, but come summer, I prefer having something off my legs and equally balanced on my shoulders- hence the snazzy backpack!

Which of the outfits is your favourite?

Thanks to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie for putting this together! For more info on April’s prompts, check out this post on Kristen’s blog.


If you want to go to a them park in England, you’re kind of limited. Your options are either the super expensive franchise parks like Alton Towers, or your crummy, might-fall-apart-any-minute rides ta funfairs or the seaside. I’ve not been to that many amusement parks, as they’re pretty far away from where I live. My best friend Gina is a fiend for amusement parks and rides, and she and I want to go and check out the following places:

1.) Alton Towers


Gina and her spirit of conquering have been to Alton Towers several times before to tackle the roller coasters there (The Smiler was the last one she beat) and while rides don’t always agree with me, I’d love to go. I’ve loved rollercoasters pretty much as long as I can remember and I’d love to try some of the beefier ones… Although I’m sure my stomach would disagree with me.

2.) York Dungeons


Spooky? Historical? Kinda gory? Count me in! The ___ Dungeons are a mini franchise throughout the UK, and are basically a spooky tour, with actors jumping out and scaring the bajeesus out of you. They usually have themed tours, and I’ve been itching to make my way up to York, bestie in tow, so we can be in our natural faux-gothy environment.

3.) Harry Potter Studio Tour


The Harry Potter tour is another thing on my bucket list- you get a guided tour around the studios and sets used to make the films! This appeals to both the film nerd in me as well as the Harry Potter nerd. I’ve wanted to go to something like this for ages (and totally dress up, obvs) and I’m hoping to go soon. I can hear the music whisking me off already…

4.) Disneyland Paris


What girl doesn’t want to go to Disneyland?

I decided to leave it at four as I drew a blank for theme parks! What are some theme parks you’d like to go to? What’s your favourite ride at theme parks?

Thanks go to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie for arranging this challenge! Check out the prompts for April on Kristen’s blog here.



My gosh, I could talk and talk and talk about comics forever. It’s so hard to pick just one favourite comic book series or book, and that’s why I’m picking threeto nerd out about!

1.) Phonogram Rue Brittania & The Singles Club by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

Phonogram first six covers

Kiero Gillen is one of comic’s golden boys right now thanks to titles like The Wicked & The Divine (which is somewhat inspired by Phonogram) and it’s not hard to see why. His writing is slick and cool, and deals with mystical and magical topics with ease. He’s worked on comics for Marvel (Invincible Iron Man and Young Avengers) but it’s his independent work which I love the best. What I love about both volumes of Phonogram is that they’re completely unlike everything I’ve ever read. It blends music with magic, and that’s just about the coolest thing I could think of! The series is incredibly well-written by Gillen and the artwork by McKelvie is absolutely stunning. The two are on the same wavelength for Phonogram, and it really, really shows. Rue Brittania follows the story of phonomancer David Kohl as he deals with aspects of the goddess of Brittania, and Singles Club follows the story of several phonomancers, varying in skill level, as they all attend the same club night. I couldn’t possibly decide on a favourite as I love them both so much. They’re incredibly cool comics with an absolutely corking soundtrack. Pull Shapes, anyone?

2.) Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky


Sex Criminals is hands down, one of the funniest and sexiest comics on the market today. Writer Matt Fraction & artist Chip Zdarsky absolutely nail (pun intended!) the intricacies and hilarity of sex and relationships, whilst setting it to a background of super-powers and whether or not they should be used. The first four issues of Sex Criminals deal with the back story of our two heroes Suzie and Jon, as well as their blooming relationship. It’s so honest and funny you can’t help but fall in love with the series. While Sex Criminals is not for everyone, it’s a hilarious, charming and damn sexy read.

3.) Rat Queens by Kurtis J Wiebe, Roc Upchurch & Stjepan Šejić


Rat Queens, the most badass girl gang this side of Palisade. Rat Queens is an ongoing fantasy series from Image and is probably one of the funniest comics you’ll ever read. It’s not for the faint of heart; with a ton of bad language and violence, but hey- it’s the Rat Queens. Disagree with them and they’ll kick your ass, if they’re not getting hammered first.

These books all inspire me as the female characters in them are strong as hell and absolutely do not back down from any challenge. They have their own, fully fleshed out back stories, and they’re respectully written and drawn.

What are your favourite comic series?

For more info on 100DBGCH challenge, check out Ariel’s blog here.


For today’s catch up prompt I’m combining two; Halloween films, the prompt I missed for some reason, and comfort films. Some of the comfort films I watch are definitely horrors or have horror aspects, so I decided to combine the two. Also, as a film student, I could talk about films all day to whoever would listen to me.

1.) Scott Pilgrim vs the World– Comfort film


I freaking ADORE this film! I’ve probably seen it 10+ times, and I can quote along with it like a pro. I’m a huge fan of Edgar Wright, and I think his take on a comic book film was superb. He manages to capture the more cartoonish moments of the comic while also looking film-like and fancy. I love the colours, the acting, the stars, the music… I just love everything about it. It’s such a quotable film too! I’m one day dreaming of cosplaying Ramona (or twisting it and cosplaying one of the evil exes!) I just need someone to cosplay with me…

2.) Shaun of the Dead– Horror film (but also comfort)


Don’t worry, this is the last Edgar Wright entry! My main love for this film is how it’s the bridge between Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg’s less-known stuff, and their introduction to the film world and industry. It has the silly jokes of Spaced, but the higher production values of a film. Shaun of the Dead, funnily enough was one of the first “horror” films I ever saw… and it freaked me out so much! I wasn’t expecting all the blood and gore, or the death of so many characters! Since then, I’ve watched it dozens and dozens of times and completely love it. I think Wright’s loveletter to George A Romero is absolutely superb, and takes a fun spin with the genre and genre expectations- not every zombie film ends with the zombies actually dying… Or being chained up in the garden shed to play Timesplitters.

3.) The Addams Family Values– Comfort watch


One of my all time favourite films! This is one of those films that I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched it, just because I love it so much. I think it’s much, much better than the first film, in both story and production value. I love the dual story of Addams Family Values and the characterisation of everyone is excellent. The writing is superb and Wednesday Addams’ comedic timing and delivery is perfect, and Wednesday it totally my role model.

4.) Evil Dead 2– Horror film


Bruce Campbell is the king of body comedy, let’s face it. His performance in Evil Dead 2 is absolutely hysterical and the film itself is just as brilliant. While I like the first one for its creepy moments, its that scene at the start with the tree I have issues with. I don’t believe it sits well within the film, and sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyway, Evil Dead 2 also set up Army of Darkness which is also another favourite! Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are unstoppable when it comes to horror, and Evil Dead 2 is the best example of their work. Hail to the king, baby!

5.) The Simpsons Movie– Comfort watch


I grew up watching The Simpsons so I was absolutely psyched when the film was announced! My Dad and I went to the cinemas and watched it especially and we loved it. I picked it up on DVD a few months later, and now it’s one of the most watched films in my collection. It plays out like an extra-long episode, and that’s why I love it. I still laugh at the jokes almost 10 years later, and I still sing along to Spider-Pig.

6.) Halloween– Horror


A classic. Halloween both re-invigorated a tired subgenre and a genre. It came during a huge period of social upheaval following 1960s America, and encompassed all the “innocence lost” feelings that were floating around, as well as paranoia, fear about mentally ill people, and furthered the sex = death/ virginity = purity dichotomy which reigns (ed?) supreme for many years. I studied American contemporary cinema for several months as part of my university, and as a massive horror fan, I loved it, and I love Halloween. John Carpenter is a genius.

7.) The Big Lebowski– comfort watch


The rug really tied the room together, man! My Dad showed me this film several years ago, thinking it would appeal to my sense of humour, and boy did it! It’s the most chill comedy ever that (sadly) launched a million lame memes. The story is just so bizarre and hilarious that you just find yourself smiling at it. It has some really great lines as well, and Jeff Bridges is superb as The Dude.

8.) Rec- horror

rec-2I’m not *that* easily scared when it comes to horror films. I’ve yawned my way through Saw, laughed my way through Paranormal Activity and its many sequels, and rolled my eyes at The Conjuring. Then Rec happened. It’s a Spanish film about a TV crew that get caught up in a minor “zombie” (it’s not specified as zombies, but it’s basically zombies) apocalypse in an apartment building. It has some of the most intense jump scares and atmosphere creation that I’ve seen in a while. If you’re gonna watch this and you haven’t seen it before; be prepared to jump and be paranoid of any sounds. I know I was.

9.) 10 Things I Hate About You– Comfort watch


90s high-school rom-coms, where would we be without you? I’m usually pretty anti-rom-com, but I can’t hide my love for 10 Things. It’s a great take on Shakespeare (an adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, donchaknow) with an all star teenage (ish) cast who totally rock it. It’s partially the cast that I love about this film, but also some of the fantastic lines- “The shit hath hitteth the fan” is frequently said in my house (not that I made the Boyfriend-Wonder watch this with me one evening) as well as a load of other films. This is one of those films that I watch the most with my bestie and will quote forever, and I really need to buy it on DVD.

10.) Insidious- horror


I understand this is a pretty polarising opinion. While the first Insidious film is (presumably) the best in the trilogy, it still has it’s… Bad moments. The final third of the film is pretty ridiuclous, and the final showdown is oddly surreal. I personally really enjoy Insidious. It’s one of the most enjoyable modern horrors I’ve seen in a while, and I always enjoy rewatching it. Director James Wan managed to create a superb atmosphere and make the safe unsafe in this film, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s one of his better films.

What are your favourite horrors? What are your comfort watches? What do you think to my list?

Thanks go to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie. For more info on the prompts, check out this post on Kristen’s blog.

Another super fun prompt! I have to say, when you’re put on the spot, it’s super hard to think of female super-villains, apart from the obvious ones- Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy & Catwoman. I don’t know what it is, but Batman seems to have the best ladies in his rogue gallery. After deciding on Poison Ivy, I hit a wall. I didn’t want to pick someone obvious but had no idea who to pick. So, I asked the Boyfriend-Wonder, who gave me Cupid, from Arrow. After some research, her outfit came to be! They were both pretty fun to do.
Summer Poison Ivy
Summer Poison Ivy! I just love making summery outfits at the minute. I went with the green dress for her natural colour scheme, and the brown sandals in a natural, earthy colour. I went with a flower crown for obvious reasons, and I thought the gardening gloves were a nice touch.
Screenshot 2015-04-16 17.50.25

Find out more about this outfit here!

This outfit was super fun to put together! I went with a red-hot dress as the main piece for the outfit and accessorised with a green leather jacket for Ollie Queen. All the arrow insignias and jewellery complements her outfit (and her personality) and I opted with flat black shoes- how the hell are you gonna scale a building and fire a bow in heels?
Which outfit do you prefer? I think Ivy’s is my favourite!
For more info on 100DBGCH, check out Ariel’s blog here.


Before I get to know someone and be comfortable around them, I am really, painfully quiet and shy. I’ve always been this way, and I probably always will. However, there have been some people I’ve just *clicked* with almost instantly; for example, my best friend Gina and I got on so well when we met because we were stuck with the same dummy tutor for college classes, dresses the same kind of way and had a zero tolerance for bullshit from other people. That, and we were (still are!) big nerds.

This list is five people from fiction I think I’d click with just like my bestie!

1.) Wednesday Addams


Wednesday is from one of the coolest families ever, she lives in an awesome house, and she has great attitude. I feel Wednesday and I would connect on our shared hatred for things. That and our fondness for wearing black.

2.) Daria


We love pizza. We’re sarcastic to a fault. Daria and I would be those two girls you don’t dare cross out of respect for your hopes and dreams.

3.) Kimmy Schmidt


Wouldn’t it be great being besties with Kimmy Schmidt? She’d be your own cheerleader at any time of the day! It’d be totally awesome hanging out with her and introducing her to new world things.

4.) Princess Bubblegum


Her entire kingdom is made of candy! Plus she’s the sweetest, cutest princess in Ooo and I could hang out with Marceline too, although I’d try not to be a third wheel.

5.) Lisa Simpson


Lisa Simpson has been my role model for basically my entire life. She’s headstrong, brave, intelligent and cute to boot. Even though I’m more than double her age, I still think she’d inspire me to be the best that I can be.

Who are your fictional BFFs?

Thanks go to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie for organising Five Fandom Friday! For more info on this month’s prompts, check out Kristen’s post here.

Yay! This is gonna be my favourite week for sure- all the prompts are comic book themed! I’m especially in love with today’s prompt- making outfits inspired by superheroes. Bless you Polyvore, I’m starting to come round to your way of thinking.
Outfit number one is business Princess Bubblegum! I know that Princess Bubblegum is technically a cartoon character, but there are PLENTY of comic books featuring everyone’s favourite scientist princess! I tried to keep as much of her pink colour scheme as possible without appearing garish, and I added in the black skirt because it helped calm the outfit down. A kind of gothic necklace to symbolise Marceline and a super cute BMO mug to finish it up. The yellow bow is a replacement for her fabulous crown!
Business Princess Bubblegum
Outfit number 2 is a bit more casual. White Queen Emma Frost in the summer! I like to think she’d relax and let her hair down a bit- or at least go for summer waves in her hair like in the picture. I think I managed to channel Emma’s outfit in my take on her. This one was a bit trickier to put together, but no less fun.
Screenshot 2015-04-15 19.33.47

Find out more info on this outfit here!

Which outfit do you prefer? My favourite is the PB one, but that’s because the novelty of dressing like a comic book character in an office is still awesome to me. Mostly because I work in an office and can do this!
For more info on 100DBGCH, check out Ariel’s blog here.


I am almost up to date with all the prompts! Just a few more to go! I love this prompt, mostly because I love food. I am almost always snacking on something. I’m the type of gal that always has sweet wrappers in her handbag (along with Halloween sequins, but that’s besides the point) because I’m always snacking. I’m a strong believer in taking ‘snacks for the road’ too. Heck, even as I sit here, I’m drinking tea and eating cookies! Here’s some of my favourite snacks!

1.) Tea

Any excuse to use a gif from The Addams Family!

Any excuse to use a gif from The Addams Family!

If you follow me on Twitter you know how much tea I drink. When I get up in the morning, one of the first things I do is boil the kettle for my first cup of tea of the day. Even when I go to a café or bar, I’ll always order tea to drink. I have two sugars and milk, and I tend to drink just normal, everyday teas. I want to like fruit teas, or chamomile, or green tea, but I just can’t. I don’t own a teapot (yet) but I’m determined to get one!

2.) Cookies

Basically me.

Basically me.

Was this one really surprising given my blog name? I love cookies! The best ones I’ve had are made in my university cafeteria. I can’t put my finger on what it is that makes them so good, but they just are. I use to bake Nutella cookies as my specialty, and I kinda miss them. They were perfect!

3.) Cupcakes


To me, cupcakes a luxurious little treat I get every now and then. I see them in supermarkets fairly regularly, but for the price, you could make them cheaper at home. I love the sugary sweet icing the best. In my college city, for a brief period, there was a cupcake shop open in the Waterside shopping centre that made a huge selection of cupcakes. The best thing about it was that by the time I’d finished my classes and was heading out, they were selling off their stock cheap at the end of the day- usually half price! Their best cupcakes were the Daim and Vimto ones. Vimto was weird, but somehow worked!

4.) Pink Lemonade


I have a massive, massive sweet tooth, as you can probably tell! I love lemonade, especially in the summer! Marks and Spencer do a really great brand, and while it’s not pink, it’s really refreshing on a hot day.

5.) Strawberries


Finally,  a healthy snack! I could honestly eat strawberries forever. I just cut the stalks off, dice them, and throw them in a bowl, or my lunchbox with an apple, or with yoghurt… Strawberries are really adaptable and taste great with pretty much anything, and they’ll finally be in season soon!

What are your favourite snacks?

Thanks to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie for putting this challenge together! For more info on April’s prompts, check out Kristen’s blog here.



Today’s prompt is a really good one! As I mentioned right back at the start of this challenge, I’m also taking part in the 30-Day Minimalism challenge, and I think it ties in quite well this post.


Click to enhance!

To begin with, I’m doing terribly with the minimalism challenge. I rely on technology a whole lot, so I have issues with going tech-free for a day, or a morning or whatever- this is partially because a) my internship requires me to be online, talking to people and checking information; b) I apply for a lot of jobs, and I need to be able to watch my emails like a hawk in order to reply to them; and c) I’m a blogger. I’m always looking at numbers and analytics.

However, on the self-reflection days, I’m much better. I take time to think about my goals, or my commitments, and it really helps me narrow them down when I have to think about them in such a way. Cutting down on things within social networks is easy too- I’ve had a big clear out on Facebook and Twitter recently, and it’s been superb. I’m gonna work on my blogroll, email newsletters and Tumblr next.

As far as living a minimalist life goes, my advice would be to not be afraid to let something go. If you have a box of stuff you keep for sentiment’s sake, look over it and see what really needs keeping. i can guarantee you that you’ll end up throwing half of it out.

Living a minimalist life is tricky, as we’re constantly faced with advertisements telling us how we should look, and what we should own, but they’re hollow. Take the world the way you want to take it. Live as simply, or as complicated as you want.

What would be your advice for living a minimalist life?

For more about 100DBGCH, check out Ariel’s blog.


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