Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years! We’ve come such a long way, changing platforms, names, and themes more times than I can remember. It’s been a good ride, and I’m hoping it will be for at least another three years!

While I’ve been on yet another unofficial hiatus (third year university workload is pretty high, as well as dealing with other life stuff) but I plan on coming back with a vengeance in April. I have a lot of things I plan to do, and hopefully I can get back to reviewing comics and the like. I’ll also be bringing back Confessions of a World of Warcraft Noob, as well as doing some shiny new product reviews.

Thank you everyone for continuing to read my blog, following me on Twitter and generally been a friend to me. I appreciate every share, every tweet more than you know.

See you next month!

You can as always find me on Twitter and Instagram if you want to chat too!


A few days late, but I always have favourite couples! I’m not really into the shipping/OTP thing, but I get why people are. It’s kinda hard to narrow it down, given how much stuff I read, watch and play…

Yup, that's my ugly sobbing you can hear in the background...

1.) Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones

Their relationship, man. It broke my heart when they split up. Well, the phrase “split up” is putting it politely. But the way they worked together was incredible. They just had so much unbridled passion, even though Jon was an outsider, a stranger to the wildlings. SPOILER ALERT and when Jon had to kill Yrgritte in the battle of Castle Black, I cried. SPOILER END


2.) Nick and Jess from New Girl

Okay, so I haven’t watched New Girl in quite some time, and I know they broke up, but the relationship between these two was always my favourite. Schmidt was always funny bordering on annoying, and I had the same problem with Winston. Nick and Jess had incredible chemistry, and they both had a silly sense of humour which worked so well. Also, that kiss was nothing short of amazing, and so passionate. I feel I should go and watch New Girl to find out what happened between them…


3.) Cortana and Chief, from Halo

It was doomed from the start. AIs only have a limited lifespan, and Cortana had already survived (only just) past this time, and her days were numbered. I haven’t played Halo all that much, so I don’t know the ins and outs of these two, but I know it’s something special.


4.) Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Oh boy. This was a big one. The way their relationship grew and changed throughout the events of the game was beautiful, even despite the fate of the two. They way the two are written was excellent, and the cinematics with them in were gorgeous. It’s a well known fact how much I love this game and these two. When I finished the game I was in puddles of tears because it was so sad. I knew what was going to happen, but it did not soften the blow any.


  • Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon

They have the classic ‘hate each other at first but fall in love’ relationship, but that’s what makes it so brilliant. Among all the other life lessons and moral messages that Sailor Moon has, the love stories are another key part of the show, whether it’s Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune or Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. He’d do anything for her, and vice versa. They’re the cutest. <3

Who are your favourite couples?

My classes have been a combination of super interesting and super boring this past week. Super interesting becausekinopoisk.ru of what we were doing about, but super boring because of the films we watched. In British Contemporary Cinema, we’ve been learning about film funding in the UK and where it came from (which, in a roundabout way, links into my internship) which I’ve found fascinating. Sadly, on Monday, we had to watch a Richard Curtis film- Four Weddings and a Funeral. Those of you who know me, know I hate romcoms with a passion, and Four Weddings and a Funeral was basically a combination of everything I hate about romcoms. Hugh Grant being the main thing, of course. As for Epics, Spectacles and Blockbusters, my seminar on Friday morning was spent discussing the narrative values of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Avatar, which eventually spread out into discussing other films which are epics, spectacles and blockbusters. However, the films we were watching were less exciting- 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire. I’m not that keen on 300 (Frank Miller’s films tend to bore me as they always look the same) but I really enjoyed 300: Rise of An Empire. If you treat is as an accompanying narrative, rather than a straight-up sequel, it seems to work pretty well. It didn’t have the annoying Miller-esque cinematography style that its predecessor had, and female characters were treated a little bit better, which was a welcome change. I think much of the improvements in the 300: Rise of an Empire are due to a different team. It had a different director and was written by different people. Something else which improved it is that while it was stated as being an adaptation, it’s only in name; the work its meant to be adapting isn’t completed, which gave the filmmakers freedom to make something good, rather than slavishly adapting Miller’s work. In case you can’t tell, I think Frank Miller is extremely over-rated.

One of my followers on Twitter sent me this incredible Twitter serendipity after I tweeted about finishing the book.

One of my followers on Twitter sent me this incredible Twitter serendipity after I tweeted about finishing the book.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know the difficulty I’ve been having with American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. I got 200 pages in, in about 2 or 3 sittings, and had to stop, for at least a week. I couldn’t deal with the torture scenes. I wanted to read it and get it out of the way, but I had to build up to it. So, on Tuesday night, I ran a hot bath, and took an hour or so to finish it, skimming the particularly gory chapters. I enjoyed it (for the most part) and really enjoy the way it’s written. I think Mary Harron’s adaptation was superb, and captures Patrick Bateman incredibly well (thankfully with less murder!) and works really well. Moving away from one extreme, I also read Let It Snow, a YA Contemporary fiction by John Green, Laureen Myracle and Maureen Johnson. I’m quite a big YA fan (and especially of John Green) and have heard good things about this book for quite a while. I read it in one go on Thursday evening and I liked it… Mostly. The book is split into three sections, which are all set on the same night, but based around different people, and each author writes a segment from a character’s point of view. I really liked John Green’s story (angst-ridden teen love, so sweet!) and Maureen Johnson’s (teen love again, but with the underlying message that perfect people don’t exist) but wasn’t too keen on Laureen Myracle’s. The character wasn’t particularly likeable. While this was the point for her story, I just found her annoying, as well as the final segment when she got the pig and there’s a section about how all the characters in the book come together in a Starbucks. The ending was a bit lacklustre, but otherwise, it was good.

Outside of class, the films and TV I’ve been watching have been a mixed bag, to say the least! The Boyfriend-Wonder and I watched Dredd and Jackass 2 on Wednesday night, which is quite possibly the weirdest double bill ever. I find that the Jackass films, apart from being gross-out material, can be quite funny, and they’re good to put on if you’re feeling lost and want to watch something dumb. As for Dredd, you all know I’ve seen it before, but the Boyfriend Wonder had not. He enjoyed it, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I also watched Shaun of the Dead with the Boyfriend-Wonder on Saturday night as our Valentine’s Day festivities. We’ve seen that films dozens and dozens of times but it never gets old for us. We also started biker drama Sons of Anarchy. We’ve only seen the first episode so far, but I really enjoyed and I’m looking forward to watching more. The Boyfriend-Wonder wasn’t too convinced by it, which brings up the tricky question- do I watch it without him?

This week I also saw my bestie Gina for the first time this month! We exchanged Galentine’s cards (thank you Parks and Recreation!) and hung out in Sheffield. We had lunch in my favourite bar in Sheffield, Bungalows and Bears, and then traipsed through town going in various shops. We hit Waterstone’s pretty hard, and I made the most of their buy one get one half price deal, where I picked up Let It Snow and Fangirl for just over £10. It was nice to see Gina again, and we planned our next meet-up to see Big Hero 6, which will hopefully be next week.



2015-02-12 22.57.32


2015-02-13 19.15.09

I’ve been enjoying a lazy, PJ weekend. I got new loungewear at the start of the week, and I rarely take it off! You might have seen my silly selfie on Instagram on Monday showing off my new dressing gown, but it’s my new favourite item of clothing. Yesterday I was playing Diablo most of the day, and today I’ve been writing and catching up on blogs.

How’s your week been?


I’ve been doing a bit of pre-spring cleaning recently, and have been purging my wardrobe. I’ve been absolutely ruthless, throwing out things I’ve since replaced, anything with holes, anything that doesn’t fit me any more, and things I don’t wear any more. I’ve been making weekly trips to charity shops to drop it off my things as I keep filling bags!. Because I’ve been purging, I need to replace things I’ve thrown out! What better things to pick than:


1.) Batman dress from Rebel Circus

Dresses are a very big part of my wardrobe, and this one is absolutely perfect! Worn with black opaque tights, I could wear it to work, wear it to class or even wear it out. It’s a really nice looking dress, and it’s not too pricy either. Given that I threw out my favourite dress that no longer fits me yesterday, this would be a perfect replacement. It’d be super easy to do a wardrobe cosplay too!


2.) Sailor Rebels, Tokyo Riders vest from Look Human

Look Human do the COOLEST tee designs out there. Everything comes in a huge range of shirt/vest/jumper styles and colours, and the degree of customisation you have is amazing. I have four of their designs saved in my bookmarks bar because I love them so much. This vest would be ideal for summer, and is super cute too!


3.) Xavier’s School Cardigan from HerUniverse

I am in desperate need of cardigans. I have about two that are actually wearable and am constantly on the lookout for more. Again, this is another thing I could easily wear to work (gotta love working in an office with minimal uniform regulations!) or to wear around the house, or out with my friends. The best thing about this cardigan by far is that it has pockets. Actual, legit pockets you could put a phone in. Not enough women’s clothing has pockets in!



4.) Kiki’s Delivery Service tee from Tee Fury

I’m so, so annoyed I missed this tee when it was on sale. Then again, it’s the mixed blessing of a site like Tee Fury- they have so many options, but if you miss something, it’s gone for good. I love the super cute design and colour of this tee, and it’s a super subtle reference. My housemate recently bought a ton of Pokémon tees from Tee Fury, and they’re damn good quality and look awesome. I only wish this tee went on sale again!


5.) Star Wars shoes from Vans

One of my friends at uni has a pair of these, and they are so cool! I love the design, and it sits really well on the shoe itself. I’m a big Star War fan, so I’d love to have these and wear them to go and see the new film. They’re not too expensive, and Vans are a good brand, so they’d be a good purchase.

What are some geeky items you want to buy?


It’s no big secret that I have always, always been a big nerd. I grew up playing video games, reading pretty much anything I could get my hands on, and playing Scrabble with my Dad and anyone who came to see us. These have all been formative experiences for me, and I could not be prouder of my upbringing.

So, without further ado, here are some of my gateway fandoms!


1.) Harry Potter

I don’t remember exactly when I first read Harry Potter. I vaguely remember being quite late to the game, and (impatiently) waiting for Order of the Phoenix to be released, but I’d never known of them prior to that. I’ve read Philosopher’s Stone more than 10 times, and Prisoner of Azkaban (my favourite of the first four books) probably a lot more. When the films were announced, I was ecstatic! I (and my friends) had Harry Potter everything. All the books, lego sets, clothes (I had some awesome Hermione Granger PJs) toys… The list goes on. My favourite item was a Gryffindor scarf. It was yellow and red striped and was super warm. I wish I knew where it was, as I’d definitely use it now! I loved everything Harry Potter. I used to spend my summers sitting on my back doorstep reading the books and eating sweets. Now, I’m considerably less in love with it, but it’s still got a special place in my heart.

If my housemate and I were let loose in a bookshop with no budget , this is what our living room would look like.

If my housemate and I were let loose in a bookshop with no budget , this is what our living room would look like.

2.) Reading

Harry Potter is an extension of my love of reading. As long as I’ve known, I’ve always been a voracious reader. Anything with words on, I’d pick it up and read it. My second home was the library, and I remember my Dad taking me to get a library card, and then filling up a backpack with books and taking them home. I’d read in class ALL THE TIME (especially Maths class) and basically any spare time I got. I read a huge variety of stuff (some I probably shouldn’t have at such a young age!) but my love of books has stayed with me. When I used to go to college, a two-hour minimum round trip on the bus, I’d always take a book with me, or buy one from a bookshop. I’d usually manage about three books finished a week, if I didn’t sleep in the mornings. I travel less now, but I still make time to read- usually in the bath!


3.) Video games

Ahh, video games. They’ve been a part of my life basically forever. I started off with Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot and Tekken, and have now worked my way up to Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and Halo. One of my main childhood loves was Pokémon. I had Pokémon everything! Soft toys were my favourite though. I used to have Pikachu and Eevee soft toys which I loved. Pikachu is lost to time (or maybe my attic now) but I still have my Eevee. She sits on my bookshelf. As well as Pokémon, there was also my Final Fantasy obsession. I played the heck out of 8 (but sadly never finished it!) watched my Dad play most of 7, and tried to collect as many of the games as I could. The games have changed a lot now, and I haven’t played them since 12, but they’re still dear to me.


4.) Music

As I mentioned in my Five Favourite Songs post, music has always been a big deal to me. Ever since getting my own little CD player at a young age, music has been a big part of my life. I feel lost without my phone and headphones if I go out. I rotate the albums on my phone based on what’s come out, and I love finding out about new bands on The Nerdy Girlie’s Monday Music posts. I’ve been a Katy Perry fan since about 14/15 along with my best friend Lawrence, and we finally saw her live last year. It was an amazing night for us!


5.) Manga

I used to have a HUGE collection of manga. If I stacked all my books on top of each other, they were probably taller than me, or at least getting there. I loved manga when I was a kid. While I did read them extremely quickly (I could manage a book in less than an hour sometimes) I still shelled out for them, month after month. While I’m a lot less into manga now, and have only kept hold of a few favourites from my childhood (Bizenghast and The Dreaming, to name two) there are still a lot of series that I love. I loved the magical-girl genre (what’s changed?!) as well as spooky stories. I feel like manga was a segue into liking comics, as I definitely had favourite artists and favourite arcs. Some of my favourite series were: Pita Ten, Chobits, Tokyo Mew Mew, Fushigi Yugi, .hack, and Paradise Kiss.

What were your gateway fandoms?



Between the months of September-November is my convention season. Lincoln Asylum, Thought Bubble, Nottingham Nerd Fest, Lucky-Con, London MCM… It’s only a few months, but I cram as many cons in as I can! However, these are only a few cons, mostly a train journey away that are fairly small, friendly affairs. They’re great fun to go to, and it’s nice hanging out with blogging buddies.

That said, I would like to go to some bigger cons. I know the likelihood of me (and Gina, or the Boyfriend Wonder) jetting over to America/Canada in the next few years are very slim, but a girl can dream…


1.) BlizzCon

Okay, so I know I’m pretty new to the wonderful world of Blizzard games, but I fell in love with them, and I fell hard. I have put countless hours into Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and am slowly gearing up my World of Warcraft character for raids. My friend Robin of RobinBookerFilm plays and watches Starcraft 2 religiously, so that’s never far away in conversation. The Boyfriend Wonder and I would love to go to BlizzCon for the announcements, the cosplays and the panels. I’ve watched a few of the cosplay parade videos in the past, and Blizz cosplayers are on a whole other level! BlizzCon just looks awesome, and it’d be the holiday of a lifetime for the Boyfriend Wonder and me.

NYCC2.) New York Comic Con

Like SDCC, only cooler. Because it’s in New York. NYCC is where all the BIG announcements are made. The coolest artists and writers go there and the cosplayers are always amazing! Plus, I know of a load of blogging buddies that go and it’d be fab to meet them face to face and get some classic NY pizza.


3.) MCM London in October

Okay, so I went last year with Gina, but we absolutely loved it! We had the best time while out there, so it’d be nice to go again- which we are trying to arrange for this year. The stalls were never-ending (if only my bankcard had a never-ending limit!) and I’d love to go again. Also, the guests are always amazing! At May MCM geek goddess herself Felicia Day is making an appearance, and I would give just about anything to meet her.


4.) SDCC

C’mon, it’s like nerd Mecca! The best of the best of cons. One of the biggest cons ever. It’d be incredible to go and to see all the comics and films announcements as and when they came out, rather than refreshing the news page of Comics Alliance every five minutes. Plus, it’s in sunny San Diego! I’ve never been to America, so it’d be a grand adventure.


5.) TCAF

I’d love to go to Canada. I’ve been wanting to go since I was a kid, and TCAF seems like one of the best conventions up there. The artists there are always awesome (including internet goddess albinwonderland) and it seems to have a really nice atmosphere. Plus I could spend a day or two just exploring Toronto and finding all the places from Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

What are 5 conventions you’d like to go?


I love winter! It’s one of my favourite times of the year. Also, I don’t do well in summer. Not at all. I have super pale skin so I burn almost instantly, and the constant heat just tires me out and drains me. Ugh!


1.) Watching the weather from inside

I love the snow- but mostly when I’m not out in it. If I’m sitting inside, or at work, and I get to watch the big, fluffy flakes drifting down from the sky, it’s the most relaxing thing. I love the silence that snow brings; it deadens all the sound outside, and makes everything extremely peaceful. I have the same love for rain; the sound of it battering my windows instantly makes me sleepy, and it’s all the better if there’s a thunderstorm! I also love all the photo opportunities that snow brings, and I love seeing pictures of snowmen, or just snowy , picturesque gardens. Also, there’s nothing better than snuggling indoors with the person you love <3


2.) Cosy clothes and loungewear

I am all about loungewear. Last weekend I treated myself to a new dressing gown, slipper booties and PJs, all in the name of being cosy. The best thing about winter is that it’s socially acceptable to stay indoors, snuggled up in your PJs (blanket-cloak optional) and shelter away from the weather. At this time of year, all the shops get themed loungewear in, or super fluffy stuff. If you hit up the shops in the sales, you can get it for about half-price, which makes it even better! You may have seen my selfie on Instagram with my new bear-ear dressing gown. It’s the warmest, thing ever!

Christmas recycling

3.) The holidays

Of course! Who wouldn’t list Christmas and New Year’s as their reasons for loving the season? I love Christmas because I get to go back and see my family, and generally just bum about for a few days. No work to do and I can unwind. The food is always great (and I don’t have to make it myself or pay for it!) and the general spirit is contagious. Everyone is happy, and I can’t remember a time when I felt more relaxed this Christmas than when I was staying at my Grandma’s. The Christmas tree was up, lights were on, fire was on, and I was sat in a comfy armchair reading a book. Perfect!


4.) Films on TV

Oh boy. Christmas/New Year is the BEST time of year for films on TV. On Sky there’s a channel dedicated entirely to Christmas films, starting in about November. If you’re into Christmas films, it’s great! What I love is all the Disney and animated films that get shown. While I was home this Christmas, I managed to catch Wall-E, 101 Dalmatians, Puss in Boots, as well as the Wizard of Oz (which is a classic, and one of my childhood favourites) and a few Indiana Jones films. At Christmas, it’s super easy to just put the TV on one channel and watch all the films that come on, and there’s a rarely a stinker among the lot.


5.) Gift giving

Not just getting gifts, but giving them out. There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up when they open a gift they really love. I try really hard to get people good gifts (but I slack with my wrapping!) and usually, I succeed! My key to success is paying really close attention to what people say they want at this time of the year. Sure, I like getting gifts myself, but who doesn’t?

What are your favourite things about winter?


Again, a bit late for resolutions, but what’s a month, in terms of resolutions? Usually by this time I’ve broken at least half of my resolutions and well on the way to slacking on the others. However, my fandom resolutions are a little bit different. They’re more fun than say, learning how to cook properly, or going to the gym.


1.) Cosplay more!

Last year, my bestie Gina and I cosplayed as Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale for MCM London in October. It was quite a last minute effort for both of us (curse you Royal Mail and general forgetfulness) with me buying a skirt and clipboard literally the day before I travelled down to London. Since then, Gina and I have both been bitten by the cosplay bug! We’re big fans of dressing up general (we’ve dressed up in Japanese Lolita and steampunk many times in the past) and as we’re also big nerds, we’d like to make more of it. We haven’t quite decided on characters yet, but we still have plenty of time. Outside of mine and Gina’s plans, I’d also love to cosplay as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, and taking hints from The Nerdy Girlie, doing more everyday cosplay.


2.)Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

*sigh*. I tried. I borrowed the books from my Dad last summer, but never got further than about 200 pages, when the hobbits reached Rivendell. I wasn’t used to the writing style at all, despite having read The Hobbit a bunch of times. I’m determined to read all three of them this year, even if I stagger it out with other books.


3.) Play more video games

I’m a girl that loves her games. However, I’m a girl that is also very set in her ways. I’ve been meaning to play the Mass Effect series for more than two years, after many hints being dropped by the Boyfriend Wonder. I only just played and finished Fallout: New Vegas last year. The only time I play new games is when I go to Gina’s and we try to find co-op games.  I haven’t even breached the expansive ocean that is PC gaming, but now I have a pretty decent laptop, I have a lot of options. I’d maybe be interested in streaming games too…

I love this poster. I grabbed it for 50p in a comic shop a few years ago and fell in love!

I love this poster. I grabbed it for 50p in a comic shop a few years ago and fell in love!

4.) Display my art/commissions

In the many conventions I’ve been to, I’ve usually picked up posters, or postcards. In my old house, I just covered an entire wall with them, but I don’t have that option in my current house. I have a few things hung up on a door in the living room (the Cyanide and Happiness sketch comes down around genteel company!) but I still have tons of other stuff that I’d like to display. Also, there’s loads of other cool prints that I’d love to get (it’s my dream to get the Sailor Moon Bosozoku print from Babs Tarr!) and display. I’m hoping that my new house will have plenty of display options (and that my housemate and Boyfriend-Wonder don’t mind!) so I can make this a reality.


5.) Sort out my comics

At last count, I had 300ish comics. They are currently in no order, still in the box I moved house with. I have no longboxes to store them properly. Also, I’ve just gone off a lot of them. When I started out, I used to LOVE Fantastic Four, but I’m not that fussed any more. I’d consider putting them on eBay and keeping some as it might be a good way to make some funds before I move house too. If anyone has any advice about selling parts of their collection, please let me know!

So, what are your fandom resolutions?



Sure, February is a kinda strange time to make resolutions. But, I disagree. What’s so special about the start of the year? You can start changing things whenever you want, it’s just down to motivation! I was actually planning on writing a post like this back in January, but sadly I wasn’t able to, due to class work.


1.) To not fall behind on posts

The 5 Fandom Friday posts are the perfect example of this. I fell really, really far behind on the link-up, and I got really annoyed at myself. I have a tendency to push myself too much and get tired quickly, and that happened a lot last year, forcing me to stop. However, I hope that it doesn’t happen again this year! I’m gonna try be a bit easier on myself and give myself more time to write and hopefully deliver good content!

Screenshot 2015-02-06 15.09.22

2.) Get a theme I like and stick to it

In all the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve never been able to stick to a theme. I can never find something I like. All the things I do like, other bloggers already use it, and I’d rather stand out and have a unique looking blog. Because of this, I swap things out and move things around all the time. I quite like my layout at the minute, but I want a good header image. And maybe a different background. I’ll probably do another overhaul in a few months time.


3.) Link up with more bloggers

I have come across so many amazing bloggers in the time I’ve been writing, and I’d love to link up with even more. Quite a few of my offline friends run blogs too, and I love discussing ideas and things with them. I’d love to be part of a big network of nerdy lady bloggers, and make some awesome new friends.



4.) Take better photo

I’m really bad at photography. I use my phone (mostly for Instagram) and I’m rarely happy with the quality of photos. I’ve been reading The Nerdy Girlie’s Coffee and Cameras posts (which are amazing!) and it’s helped a bit, but not much. I plan on using my digital camera more as the year gets going, as well as actually learning how to use the damn thing properly.


5.) Post about more different things!

Like my theme issue, I’ve never been able to settle on one certain thing to blog about. As a result of this, stuff on my blog has covered video games, comic books, my life stuff, fashion and everything in between. I’d rather keep my options wide open, as I might find something I really love writing about. I plan on including a few DIYs this year, as well as maybe a few retro comics posts. I definitely plan on writing more about video games as well!

What have your blogging resolutions been? How are they going?


I LOVE Funko Pop figures. They are the absolutely perfect gift. For the most part, they’re fairly inexpensive, retailing at about £10-15 in my local comic shop and they look great. They’re the perfect size to put just about anywhere, including your desk at work, or you could display them on your bookcase. There’s also dozens and dozens of collections, and there’s something for fans of anything, no matter how obscure or nerdy. Last year, my bestie Lawrence got me 2 for birthday and Christmas (Cake and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, my all time favourites!) and he has his own collection going on too. As I mentioned in one of my catch-up posts this week, I plan on buying one for the Boyfriend-Wonder for Valentine’s Day this year, and I have a great selection to pick.

2015-02-06 13.04.26

I only have 4 Funkos currently, but I totally love them. There are loads and loads that I’d like to add to my collection, and here’s a selection:


Look at the li’l wings!


1.) Tyrael from Diablo 3

If you’ve seen my Twitter much recently, you’ll know I love Diablo 3. I play that game loads and loads, and I never ever tire of it. What I love about it the most is that it’s the perfect multiplayer co-op game; you work with your friends to clear dungeons, beat bosses and get sweet, sweet loot. When I was at MCM in October, I spied a Diablo/World of Warcraft collection and wish beyond wish that I’d pick Tyrael up. He’d look perfect on my bookcase!


2.) Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time

Oh my Glob, you guys. LSP is so lumpin’ cool. I love how her lumpy li’l body looks as a Funko Pop. I love her sassy expression, and it would further round out my Adventure Time collection, which I’m hoping to fully complete.


3.) 60s Batman

I love 60s Batman. It’s the perfect blend of superheroes and kitschiness. Adam West is infamous for this role. I used to watch the show all the time as a kid, and I hold it close to my heart. The Funko Pop would be the perfect reminder of the show’s awesomeness.


4.) Jon Snow and Ghost from Game of Thrones

Another Funko that got away… I saw Jon Snow and Ghost at Thought Bubble two years ago, and wish I’d got them. They’re  the perfect companion pieces. You can’t have Jon without Ghost, and you can’t have Ghost without Jon. Jon Snow is one of my favourite characters from the book/TV show, so I absolutely have to get them at some point.


5.) Sven from Frozen

Yeah… I love Frozen. I’ve seen it a ton of times. I sing along to Let It Go whenever I hear it. I love the story and the characters. But you know who the best character is? Sven. He’s just like a big overgrown dog, and he’s so cute! The Funko channels his reindeer cuteness perfectly and makes me smile.

The question is, after I got all these Funkos… Where would I put them? My bookshelf is running out of room as it is!

Also, why aren’t these Sailor Moon Funko Pops real?! I would get all of them in a second.

What are you five favourite Funkos?


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